“It seems that every day we read about new legislative initiatives and regulations that target our businesses.  None of these issues has made it easier to run a profitable business,” states Dennis Goode, CEO of M. Cooper Supply Co. and chairman of ASA’s Government & Public Affairs Committee.  “Unfortunately, too often we simply assume that someone will step up and promote the best interests of our industry and fight on our behalf. Events in Washington over the past year have made it painfully clear that we can no longer afford the luxury of sitting on the sidelines. Our industry must unify its voice to fight the daily attacks that begin in Washington, D.C., and end on the doorstep of industry businesses.”  

To that end, the ASA Government & Public Affairs Committee has presented a case to the ASA Executive Committee and argued that ASA needs to expand its part-time role in Washington to a full-time, robust effort to fight for the PHCP/PVF industry. At this time, issues are being introduced faster than ASA’s limited role can affordably combat them. The ASA Executive Committee has authorized the committee to seek three-year additional dues pledges from the membership, which will enable the association to hire a dedicated, full-time staff person based in Washington, D.C.  “This move is bold and visionary and exhibits ASA’s commitment to the interests and success of its members by placing increased resources and leadership needed to become part of the solution in Washington,” states Mike Adelizzi, ASA’s executive vice president.   

Most recently, ASA has joined with the PMI to combat an attempt by the DOE to essentially outlaw the manufacturing of multi-showerhead units with an arbitrary ruling, void of public comment. “One thing is certain: these issues will escalate in the foreseeable future and will place a great burden on members’ budgets in trying to deal with them, as well as the association’s budget in trying to fight for industry interests,” continues Adelizzi. “These issues just can’t be ignored, and ASA cannot continue to fight the onslaught of attacks on our businesses alone.”  

For more information on ASA’s advocacy efforts, please visitwww.asa.netor contact Mike Adelizzi atmadelizzi@asa.netor 312.464.0090 ext. 201.