The investigation into what caused a Nov. 10 explosion and fire that killed five people at Clara Barton Terrace Convalescent Home in Flint, Mich., found that the boilers in the home were not the cause of the blast.

"Our investigation reveals that two explosions did occur in the vicinity of the nursing home's boiler room; however, the boilers were intact other than the damage caused by debris from the explosion," said Michigan Department of Consumer and Industry Services Director Kathy Wilbur. The Public Service Commission and the National Transportation Safety Board are continuing their investigations into what caused the incident.

CIS records indicate the nursing home's insurance company, Connecticut-based Hartford Steam Boiler, conducted the last inspection of the boiler room Nov. 24, 1998. The inspection of the three boilers on site revealed "no adverse conditions," according to the report. The boilers were not due for another inspection until December 2000.

Three residents and two employees died in the blast.