ASA ANSINET[R], a PHCP business-to-business network, recently added its 100th subscriber. The Management Information Systems Group, Inc. (MISG) began providing ASA ANSINET, in conjunction with the American Supply Association's ASA Center for Advancing Technology, less than two years ago and has grown the service to include manufacturers, distributors and program groups. In-Sink-Erator recently became the 100th company to join the ASA ANSINET community.

ASA ANSINET is a Value Added Network (VAN) over which standard EDI (electronic data interchange) business documents are delivered. The ASA EDI Express formats for the PHCP industry have been used extensively, allowing trading partners to implement ASA ANSINET in a simple and cost-effective manner. Purchase orders, advance ship notices, invoices, remittance advices and other critical business documents are delivered across the ASA ANSINET network.

"Our goal with ASA ANSINET and ASA EDI Express maps is to simplify E-commerce for our members and their trading partners," said Kevin Price, director of the ASA Center for Advancing Technology. "The combination of these initiatives has exceeded our goal and allowed the PHCP industry to have a standard network and a standard communications protocol.

Companies recently added to the ASA ANSINET subscriber list include American Lock Co., Bemis Manufacturing, Frost Electric Co., Gray Electric Co., Madsen & Howell Co., Sharon Tool Co. and buying group Affiliated Distributors.