Wholesalers are being alerted to watch their mailboxes in early January for a survey inviting them to be a part of the2006 Employee Compensation Study, co-sponsored by ASA and our Regional Affiliates.

Are you overpaying or underpaying your employees? What are other companies in your area, or across the country, doing in terms of their benefits package? If you're like other distributors, you're running lean and mean, with just enough manpower to get by. Hiring and keeping good employees is essential to the profitability of your business.

The 2006 Employee Compensation Study will provide a detailed review of compensation and benefits programs for approximately 2,500 distributors from over 35 distribution commodity lines. Due to the extensive sample in this study, there will be a wide range of information available on compensation, not only for the PHCP industry, but also for 22 sales volume categories (from under $1 million to over $1 billion) and over 100 geographic areas (including 50 metropolitan markets).

Included in the study will be a wealth of information, including:

  • Executive Compensation

  • Employee Compensation

  • Sales Commission Plans

  • Inside/Counter Sales Policies

  • Health Care Plans

  • Retirement Income Plans

  • Paid Time Off & Vacation Policies

    Survey questionnaires will be mailed to all ASA distributors in early January, 2006. They will be due back by March 1st, with full survey results available in May. Since the survey will cover the actual 2005 experience, the information will be very timely.

    For more information, contact your Regional Association or ASA headquarters directly.