The fact that Jack Hester is also President of ASA was not lost on the reps in attendance at his program. He's been talking about this database for some time, and has made it a point to refer to the efforts of the ASA Center for Advancing Technology in every one of his speeches around the country. Until this session on May 30th however, Hester had begun to feel that maybe his message was falling on deaf ears.

Indeed, the ASA Tech Center has been having a tough time communicating the need for its programs. "People will agree in principle that we need to adopt new technologies to remain competitive," says the Center's Director Kevin Price. "But in spite of the dozens of summit meetings, seminars and other efforts we've undertaken, it seems to be relegated to the side of the page that's 'for the other guy, not me. I felt really great leaving F.W. Webb's place that day, because I felt like we'd finally reached a turning point," he said.