The Campaign chaiman has a personal goal to get 100% participation from the members.

"We're overwhelmed with the generous support our members have given to the Fund thus far," says Karl Neupert of Consolidated Supply Co. in Oregon, the Campaign's chairman. "But there's still work to be done. Not all of our members have supported the Campaign, and that's a personal goal of mine - 100% industry participation.

"A pledge to the Endowment Fund is a win-win situation for all involved. As a member of our industry, you are supporting and securing the future of the wholesale channel of distribution by bettering the educational programs available to our employees - and ourselves. As a business, you receive an immediate return on your investment - your company will receive a 25% discount on all Foundation-developed programs, lasting until the amount spent is equal to that of payments on the pledge. Donors may take advantage of the discount if the Foundation has received a signed pledge form and the first payment on the pledge," emphasizes Neupert.