ASA’s Mike Miazga spoke to sales coach, author and speaker Larry Levine about the changing dynamics with the modern-day salesperson in his newest ASA Town Hall Interview.

During the video interview, Levine, author of the book “Selling from the Heart,” talks about the importance of the role of the salesperson in today’s rapidly evolving environment.

“Without sales, not much happens,” Levine says in the interview. “Sales is a noble profession. Always has been, always will be.”

Levine talks about the difference between a sales rep and a sales professional. “There will always be the need for salespeople,” he says. “However, sales reps become replaceable. Sales professionals become irreplaceable when they learn how to tug on the hearts and the minds of their buyers.”

Levine also talks about the significance of the sentence “How your authentic self sells you,” as well as how to get past the natural fear of rejection as a salesperson.