Eemax has prioritized the assembly of the portable handwashing units along with its suite of handwashing products due to the critical need for hand sanitation manifested by the COVID pandemic.

“We are seeing portable handwashing stations, of all different designs, proliferate as a result of the pandemic,” said Eemax Senior Director of Sales Bill Dahlin. “We are shipping Eemax water heaters to multiple locations, across the nation, to be used for mobile handwashing carts.” Eemax has currently delivered 60 portable handwashing units to several school districts including, Atlanta, Georgia; Montgomery, Alabama and Waterbury, Connecticut and is committed to offering a wide array of hand washing solutions to the U.S. school system."

The Eemax stattions have warm water, a soap dispenser and hand towels right on the unit, and can be moved as needed throughout a building.