Ferguson asked consumers to share their views to better understand how the pandemic impacted trends in home renovation. Key findings include:

  • The living room became the focal point of the home during the pandemic, especially as more people who worked from home set up their workstations there;
  • Home workstations are becoming multifunctional, and many Americans have been sprucing up their workspaces. Sixty-two percent updated their lighting (including 28% who did so for functionality and 22% to look better on video calls). Some have set up coffeemakers or refrigerators in their office/at homework area;
  • Americans would be interested in smart home products that make their lives easier and more convenient. Touchless faucets are a prime example; and
  • Americans are showing some interest in bidets, primarily due to sustainability, hygiene and health benefits.

Download the full study to review all the survey results here.