Sioux Chief announced it has acquired Sun Drainage and Sigma Corp Trench Drain resulting in exclusive distribution of Hydrotec Technologies Trench Drains in North America. Sun Drainage Products is a full line of commercial cast iron drains, cleanouts and fixture carriers. Sigma Trench Drains is predominately made up of the Hydrotec brand of fiber reinforced concrete commercial trench drains as well as stainless steel and galvanized steel channels.

With this acquisition, the company plans to take the opportunity to create a more formal commercial products offering, folding in items like HydraRester, MegaRester, PrimePerfect and FinishLine to name a few of the more popular Sioux Chief commercial items. The addition of the Sun and Sigma items will help strengthen the overall commercial offering to be more competitive and allow the company to go after a wider range of commercial projects.

Sioux Chief looks forward serving Sun/Sigma previous customers and expanding its offering to current customers. All products will be sold and shipped through Sioux Chief's Kansas City, Missouri facility. Contact your local Sioux Chief representative for more information on its commercial products.