Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International (HARDI) has released its feature-length film, Hot Commodity. A behind-the-scenes look at young people finding success in an industry that provides much more than comfort.

The film Hot Commodity showcases the lives of different individuals that are currently working in the HVACR industry and tells their stories on how they found their way to it. The film also highlights the demand for skilled people to enter the workforce and highlights the vast array of careers that are present in the indispensable industry.

“I believe this film can be pointed toward parents, who a majority still believe success is defined by going to college when there are so many other great career paths that don’t need a college degree. Even having conversations with my parents now, they regret telling me college was my only path,” said Jessie Suriano, director and producer of the film.

The film features interviews with different industry leaders and employees, who share personal stories on their career path, the growing demand for new talent to the industry, and the limitless possibilities that can come with a decision to enter the industry. Hot Commodity aims to combat stigmas surrounding skilled labor and trade professions and highlights this alternative path as a very viable option for people to consider when making decisions for their future.

“Our goal was to shift the conversation. There is a notion that college equals success. This isn’t always the case. There are a lot of opportunities in the HVAC industry and the trades as a whole,” said HARDI Director of Marketing, and film Executive Producer, Chris DeBoer. “We wanted to bring awareness that there is a solid career to be had, with less debt and the same, if not more, opportunity as someone who completed a 4-year degree.”