Being successful in any business hinges on your ability to understand your customer in a way that allows you to anticipate their needs and offer a solution. The needs of consumers are ever-changing and can be very impactful to your business’ bottom line. One of the fastest growing demands among homeowners is the desire to integrate technology and connected living into their homes. According to Statista, the amount of U.S. households with smart home technology is expected to increase from one-third of households in 2019 to over half of all U.S. households by 2023.

From smart door bells to connected bathrooms, the opportunities for homeowners to create a more convenient and connected life has never been easier. And the opportunities for your business to excel in this area have never been as plentiful.

Within the smart home industry, smart plumbing products are creating a new market for manufacturers like Kohler, trade professionals and distributors like you. There is a great deal of attention on this emerging market from consumers, with the sales of smart plumbing products growing rapidly. Today’s consumer uses myriad of channels to purchase products, including online and in-store, and will source the desired product through the channel that offers the best solution for their need.

Wholesale suppliers have a unique advantage as they are better positioned to offer bundled solutions for connected bathroom and kitchen spaces – installing a new smart shower may offer the opportunity to refresh the vanity space or toilet area. As trade professionals are navigating these larger remodel conversations with homeowners, they are looking to partners who can offer a full solution for the project. Through partnership with Kohler and the resources and support that ASA offers, you can become that full-solution partner.

Having access to the resources provided by ASA is a valuable tool for trade professionals to help grow their businesses and remain competitive. Additional education provided through manufacturing partners of ASA, like Kohler, can advance this through a better understanding of the newest technologies, innovations and design trends available in the market.

Partnering with Kohler on smart home offers you the most comprehensive portfolio of smart and connected products available in today’s marketplace. Kohler continues to invest in this category as a long-term strategy and brings the stability of a more than 145-year-old company. A frontrunner in the promotion of and innovation within smart home, Kohler continues to drive brand affinity and preference that wholesale partners can take full advantage of. With dedicated training and support teams in place, Kohler offers a robust program to help integrate this new category into your offering.

Additionally, Kohler feels strongly that investing in our relationships with industry organizations such as ASA is crucial to our industry’s future growth and viability. ASA is an important resource for us to stay on the pulse of economic, social and political developments impacting our business. Networking, educational programs, seminars and many more tools provided by ASA further help us to remain competitive. It is significant for Kohler and other companies in our industry to have ASA as a partner in dealing with industry issues and serving as a conduit in bringing suppliers and manufacturers together to set a course for a more prosperous future.

By KOHLER Wholesale Marketing Team