ASA is constantly striving to improve the quality and quantity of educational offerings for members. It is important to offer the most relevant, most accurate, and most timely education for members to meet their day-to-day challenges and needs.

Each year, the ASA University team conducts a detailed analysis of the current library offerings, while constantly developing new courses to address members’ needs as they arise. Here’s a quick rundown of what the ASA-U team has been working on for this year’s updates and new releases:

Essentials of Leadership: Scenario Pack – New!

ASA-U is proud to announce the first scenario-based training course, built upon the back of the popular Essentials of Profitable Leadership for Wholesaler-Distributors. This choose-your-own-adventure allows learners to put themselves in the action!

Introduction to Valve Actuation – New!
Explore the basics of automated valves, accessories, and their uses in this industrial-focused course on valve actuation.

Essentials of How Wholesaler-Distributors Make Money – Updated!
Learn how a wholesaler-distributor makes money, how that money is spent, and what it takes to stay in business.

Overview of Wholesale-Distribution – Updated!
This introductory-level course provides a solid foundation for understanding the wholesale-distribution business.

Essentials of Profitable Wholesale Distribution – Updated!
A deeper dive into the realm of wholesale-distribution, this multi-part course offers a detailed planation of concepts such as margin, markup and the bottom line.

Introduction to Copper Tube, Plastic Pipe, and Fittings – Updated!
Learn common industry terms, descriptions of basic types, explanations of applications, general recommendations and joining methods for types of copper tube, plastic pipe and fittings.

Stay tuned for more course updates and releases through the end of 2019. 

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