The American Supply Association (ASA) is an indispensable resource that gives members the ability to adapt, grow and succeed. Rheem® trusts ASA as a one-stop-shop partner for ongoing business development, training and education opportunities, as well as industry networking and advocacy. By dedicating energies to Rheem’s core competencies, ASA identifies valuable tools and resources for Rheem’s talented pool of professionals. The partnership enables Rheem, as the global leader in HVAC and water-heating solutions, to maintain a strong pulse on new discoveries and trends while also meeting companywide goals in the ever-evolving category.

For example, ASA has given significant endowments to fund the development of industry resources that address educational needs. This acutely supports Rheem’s sustainability initiative “A Greater Degree of Good,” which includes aggressive goals by 2025. An area of focus within the initiative is training 250,000 plumbers and contractors on sustainable products and best practices. Through support from ASA and its ASA Education Foundation, Rheem is given access to training workshops and networking opportunities to expand employees’ perspectives and skillsets
on sustainability.

Additionally, ASA’s work in Washington, D.C., advocating for improved government regulations aims to better industry standards and reduce environmental impact. This active commitment also aligns with Rheem’s sustainability goals and solidifies ASA as a valuable partner for Rheem to stay on the forefront of change.

Beyond newly implemented initiatives, Rheem can turn to ASA as a resource for updates on the industry’s latest advancements and technologies. As Rheem continues to expand its product portfolio and innovate all-new ways to deliver just the right temperature while saving energy, water and supporting a more sustainable future, the company is proud to have a partner in ASA.