By definition, the ASA Emerging Leaders Division’s primary mission is to prepare your company’s future leaders to face the PHCP/PVF industry’s challenges. This division cultivates middle and upper management into C-suite and similar higher-level positions.

Creating peer-to-peer relationships, addressing the specific educational and networking needs of new executives, and building key industry connections are the core of why Emerging Leaders continue to have solid participation and well-attended events. The annual EMERGE Spring Conference really connects it all together for attendees. The tools for success are there, but what the education sessions and roundtable discussions at EMERGE do is teach the attendees how to incorporate these tools into their daily lives when returning to their respective companies.

This year’s program focused on; evaluating your growth as a career-focused individual vs. only focusing on hitting goals, the latest technologies, trends, services and tools every business needs to know, and leadership lessons that can change an entire company’s vibe. In ASA’s recent survey of EMERGE2019, a first-time attendee shared: “This was my first EMERGE and I feel that I gained an entire new network of connections! I really appreciate all of the effort and hard work that was put into making this event a great learning and networking experience!”

Additional feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. When reflecting on the roundtable discussions, already a two-hour program, the following was requested: “I love the roundtable discussions and would like to see more of that. Maybe even two sessions, which allows you to meet more people and hear other great insight on what’s happening and best practices.” Many reviews and suggestions gravitated around the roundtable discussions, clearly already
a fan favorite.

As the Emerging Leaders Council determines specifics for next year’s EMERGE2020 held May 4 – 6 in Nashville, Tennessee, it is clear that additions to the roundtable discussions will be brought to the table. Be sure to stay up to date with the division’s activities at