American Supply Association’s business intelligence (BI) smoothly transitions into a new phase. As part of the ASA 2018 approved operating budget, the ASA Board of Directors approved additional funding to hire a full-time business analyst to manage this transition as
well as the BI offerings.

ASA conducted a BI survey to gather feedback from members on the current offerings and ideas on how to enhance the program in 2019. In addition to the survey, ASA conducted phone interviews with members who have been engaged with the BI offerings over the last few years. Based on the positive feedback from the survey and member phone interviews, ASA moved forward with some exciting new changes to the BI program.


Online portal

To add even more value to this member-valued program, ASA developed a way for the offerings to be much more easily accessible in one convenient online portal. ASA understands how critical it is this day and age to report on data and analyze trends in order to make intelligent business decisions. The BI dashboard has the capability to do all this, so anyone can get to the information they want in as little time as possible. The BI dashboard can be accessed by going to

The hard work came to full fruition in April when the dashboard officially launched. Since the launch in April, we continue to hear positive feedback from members and traffic to the dashboard continues to increase.

The dashboard currently hosts the following BI offerings:

  1. Operating Performance Report (OPR)
  2. Quarterly Pulse
  3. Biannual cross-industry compensation and benefits study
  4. Sales forecasting tool (brand new to the ASA BI portfolio)
  5. ASA Advisor & Materials Report
  6. Business valuation