Following a preview at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show 2019, Victoria + Albert, a member of the House of Rohl family of brands, has fully launched the new RAL color service in the U.S., allowing consumers to personalize their freestanding tubs and basins to coordinate with any style or bathroom design. RAL is an international color matching system that defines colors for paints and coatings. All RAL painted tubs and basins require a six-week lead time.

Consumers will be able to personalize the exterior finish of their ENGLISHCAST freestanding tubs and basins by ordering from a spectrum of 194 RAL colors in addition to the existing six standard paint finishes. A choice of gloss or matte finishes means that there are more than 28,000 variants of tubs and more than 5,000 variants of basins.

“Homeowners are increasingly looking to add a little character to their design, and the addition of a brightly colored bathtub or basin is the perfect way to create a striking focal point,” says Emma Paintin, brand manager for Victoria + Albert Baths. “We’re delighted to be offering a wide selection of RAL colors within the range. Whether you’re tapping into the botanical trend with deep greens and earthy tones, or opting for a bright summery hue, Victoria + Albert now lets you be brave with color and break free of the plain white box.”

With elegant sculpted design and unrivalled quality and performance, Victoria + Albert’s freestanding tubs and basins make stunning centerpieces in any bathroom, spanning both modern and traditional styles, the company says. Each piece is crafted from a unique material called ENGLISHCAST, which feels warm to the touch and offers heat insulation and scratch resistant properties.

To create the color finish, Victoria + Albert uses state-of-the-art technology and techniques, it notes. Whether vibrant and dramatic or muted and refined, each finish is multi-layered using a specialist catalyzed paint and is hand-polished between applications. This technique results in exceptional depth and luster to the finish, so homeowners can relax knowing that the RAL painted surface is considerably more durable than hand painted surfaces, the company states.

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