RectorSeal’s LiquidDrain is the commercial liquid drain cleaner that’s safer for the environment, service technician and plumbing system than caustic acid-based liquids, RectorSeal notes. The one-quart (0.94-liter) formula is an industrial-strength, non-acid and non-flammable drain cleaner and opener formulated exclusively for the plumbing trade and available from traditional plumbing wholesale distributors. The odorless, neutral-blue-colored penetrating sodium-hydroxide high-foaming action lifts and pushes contaminants and oxides from sewer and waste lines. It clears blockages containing drain-clogging paper, rags, sanitary products, sludge, soap scum, fats, wood, hair, food and difficult-to-remove cooking grease. LiquidDrain will not harm plumbing piping materials, the company adds.