General Pipe Cleaners’ new Sewerooter T-4 mid-size drain cleaner packs the performance, punch and portability to unclog 3” to 6” diameter lines up to 100’ long, the company notes. With more cleaning power than its T-3 predecessor, Sewerrooter T-4 carries 100’ of 9/16” Flexicore cable to clear stubborn stoppages in 3” to 4” inside lines. Heavy-duty 9/16” cable provides more torque than traditional 1/2” cables offer, yet can clean the same size drain lines, General Pipe Cleaners explains. Need to clear tree roots and other tough clogs from 3” to 6” lines? Simply switch drums to 75’ of 5/8” Flexicore cable. To adjust different cable sizes, turn a knob atop the feed. No screwdriver required.

General Pipe Cleaners.