For nearly 50 years, ASA has grown highly targeted networks for different industry segments and populations. ASA’s special interest divisions connect people to people, those who represent the best of our industry’s channel partners, with other leaders they want to do business with, and at the same time, provide strategic guidance for ASA to drive ideas into actions.

Annual membership in ASA is a prerequisite for membership in any of the association’s special interest divisions. In addition to the Industrial Piping (IPD) and Plumbing (PD) divisions, there are two especially focused on the professionals throughout our industry’s aging workforce, and both continue to rapidly grow interest, enthusiasm and participation among their distinguished ranks.

ASA’s Emerging Leaders (EL) division cultivates the best of today’s middle and upper managers into tomorrow’s most complete business leaders for the PHCP-PVF industry. Formerly Young Executives (YE), ASA’s EL is dedicated to preparing your company’s future leaders, generally age 45 and under, to face our industry’s new and evolving challenges. With today’s middle-manager becoming tomorrow’s principal or CEO, you are undoubtedly looking for opportunities that not only address the specific educational and networking needs for new executives but also open the door for building key relationships. In fact, many well-respected industry veterans frequently say that ongoing learning and education enhanced by peer-to-peer relationships forged at industry programs are key to their success and profitability. Therefore, the annual Spring Forum, which will be in Jersey City, New Jersey, on May 21-23, is the best opportunity for the next generation of industry leaders to learn new concepts and skills and cultivate profitable relationships with different channel partners from across the country. 

ASA’s Women in Industry (WII) division is one the fastest growing groups and continues to set attendance records at its annual spring conference. This division’s focus is to provide female professionals across the country an opportunity to cultivate a network throughout the industry, gaining valuable contacts and education in the process. ASA’s WII also helps to attract women into the industry by showing them that it isn’t just an industry of all men. Women in Industry brings in female college students enrolled in industrial-distribution programs to introduce them to the industry and show them many and varied options and opportunities that it has to offer. Through webinars and articles in Supply House Times, ASA’s WII continues to contribute educational content to the industry and shows that women play just as important of a role as men. Power Your Potential at ASA’s fifth annual Spring Conference for Women in Industry, which takes place in Savannah, Georgia, April 25-27.

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