The American Supply Association is the industry’s voice in our nation’s capital and for years we have quietly worked to advance issues that benefit the entire channel.

As you can imagine, the past year has been an exciting time in Washington and from all signs, the next few years won’t be any different. As political dialogue continues to move to opposite extremes and compromise often seems elusive, the role of an industry association becomes ever so important. Someone has to represent the interests of the thousands of companies and hundreds of thousands of professionals building careers in the industry. ASA is your representative and our industry’s one united voice.

The lead article in this month’s ASA News section gives you a glimpse at the work our association is doing on a daily, weekly and monthly basis representing your interests when issues are being debated. And while unprecedented attention is now being given to business issues such as reduction of regulations, tax reform, unleashing our energy sector and infrastructure investment, as well as a rapidly expanding economy, the time for our voice to be front and center has never been more important. We are there and we need you there as well.

As business leaders, we all work hard to build highly effective marketing and sales teams, efficient warehouse operations and purchasing departments, along with quality customer-service functions that are critical to the success of our companies. Yet, the one area of our business that can have a devastating effect on our bottom lines and future viability we ignore and hope someone will take care of it.

Our federal, state and local governments can tax us or regulate us into unprofitable businesses, yet I know few distributors who are doing anything to protect their businesses from government intrusion. We all can write our elected leaders, invite them to our businesses and educate our employees about candidates that will be best for business and our industry. ASA is your voice — fighting for your interests. We offer you tools to get into the game and take action to protect your business. You need to step up to get into the game.

The ASA Washington Fly-In to our nation’s capital gives a clear and honest perspective and appreciation for the inner workings of our government, and it’s not what you see on the nightly news. I attended my first fly-in only five years ago and I will never miss another opportunity to educate my elected leaders and fight for our industry.

In April, ASA once again will host our Washington Fly-In, giving members the opportunity to meet with elected leaders to seek their support for our industry. I urge you to join us in D.C. This is your first step toward beginning your company’s government affairs effort. Visit to get information about joining us in Washington this April.

ASA members are advocates for the future of our industry. I invite you to help us make our voices heard.