Facing the onslaught of rapid and uncertain change demands the coordinated focus of a united industry. The American Supply Association is uniquely positioned to unite the industry behind one bold vision. 

Several years ago, at the first planning retreat, volunteers looked far into the future to assess the possible opportunities and threats the members would face and what would be needed to help members succeed. It was then that the leadership determined that ASA was uniquely positioned to unite the industry into a focused force for change. This focus and the strategic ideas emulating from annual strategy sessions have been what has guided the growth and expansion of the value of ASA.  

Next month, this momentum will continue at the ASA Winter Strategic Planning Meeting. Association leadership will continue its strategic planning process. The theme of the meeting is “Building One Future” as participants will work to identify what the members of 2027 will look like, the issues they will be facing through change coming at members at an exponential rate and how ASA can be positioned to do what’s best for the association’s members. Watch for more in-depth stories in future issues of ASA News.