Dayton, Ohio-based Winsupply is bringing three-dimensional virtual bathrooms to its plumbing showrooms allowing customers to personalize their remodeling or building experience.

The company introduces its Libby VR Winsupply Virtual Showroom, offering both virtual reality and augmented reality technology that enable bath-and-kitchen customers to shop in a 3D environment.

With Libby VR (Luxurious Inspiration Built By You), customers can immerse themselves in the bathroom of their dreams, Winsupply explained. Using the latest in virtual reality technology, customers will be able to customize textures, flooring, paint colors and, most importantly, shower systems, bathtubs, faucets and vanities.

Winsupply is introducing Libby VR in partnership with American Standard, part of LIXIL, which has led the way in developing innovative bath-and-kitchen products for more than 140 years.

“Whether your home tastes are traditional, transitional or modern, we have a virtual environment for you to customize and find design inspiration,” said Daryn Cherry, national showroom manager at Winsupply. “You’ll be able to design a master bath, guest bath or even a powder room. Utilizing Oculus Rift VR goggles, it will look as if you're immersed in the bathroom of your dreams. You’ll be able to move around in the room virtually to see and instantly change each element, from the flooring to the shower fixtures to the vanity sinks.”

Mark Terrel, American Standard national accounts manager, sees the Winsupply Virtual Showroom as a “great opportunity for Winsupply in the remodeling, new construction and showroom market. It’s going to extend the showrooms with their contractors and their remodelers. It’s going to allow them to view the product within their home in the environment it’s going to be staged.”

The Libby AR (augmented reality) will allow customers to bring to life 3D models of the latest faucets and fixtures in a customer’s own bathroom or kitchen. “No more guessing games on what that faucet or shower system will look like in your bath or kitchen,” Cherry said.

Libby AR is an easy to use smartphone app. Selecting a fixture to view in 3D, the customer can place a printed marker at the desired location in their bath or kitchen and a 3D model scaled to size will appear on the smartphone screen using the phone’s video camera. The phone’s live-screen video image lets the customer see how the fixture would look installed, even allowing the customer to change vantage points to see it in three dimensions. The Libby AR app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Customers using both the Libby VR station and the AR app can create favorites lists of products to share with a spouse, designer or contractor while using the VR station or AR app.

Cherry demonstrated the Libby VR Winsupply Virtual Showroom at the recent EVOLVE showroom conference in Savannah, Ga. “I thought the Libby platform would make a splash, but it was even bigger than I expected,” he said. “We had a line of people for four hours straight to see the VR and AR demos.”

Winsupply is rolling out its Virtual Showroom initially to 10 showrooms around the U.S., including locations doing business as Winsupply, Winnelson and Noland. The Winsupply Virtual Showroom will appear in more Winsupply showrooms nationwide in 2018.