Noritz America’s commercial water heater system is designed to speed and simplify the installation of multiple tankless water heaters for plumbing and mechanical contractors. Noritz combines commercial-grade tankless units with system controllers, manifolds and other necessary components and accessories into fully assembled metal rack systems for shipment anywhere in North America. The prefabricated system significantly reduces the burden on the installer, who needs only to connect the water and gas lines, build the vent runs and set up the prewired system controller. A total of 36 different rack models are available, all designed for the Energy Star-certified NC199 condensing tankless water heater series. With a thermal efficiency of 94% DV (95% OD), this model offers inputs from 16,000 Btu/hr., to 199,900 Btu/hr., and a maximum flow rate up to 11.1 gpm.

Noritz America.