The Typhoon trailer jet from General Pipe Cleanersblows away blockages in big lines and long runs. It delivers 12 gpm at 2,500 psi to blast lines clean of grease, sediment and debris from 4” to 12” lines up to 400’ long. A 200-gal. holding tank carries enough water to handle remote applications where access to water is limited. The Typhoon features electric brakes, a safety strobe light, safety cones, rear fold-down stabilizer jacks, retractable hose guide arm and antifreeze system as standard equipment. A 24-hp Honda engine with electric start and 7-gal. fuel tank ensures extended performance on stubborn stoppages. The unit comes with a jet hose reel with 400’ by 1/2” capacity and a water-supply house reel that carries 150’ by 3/4” hose.