Veterans Day has special meaning at Mansfield Plumbing. It’s a day to honor 49 employees in the company who have served more than 300 combined years in the United States military.

Of the 49 people with 302 years of military experience at Mansfield, 23 have served in the Army, eight in the Marines, eight in the Air Force, five in the Navy, three in the Army National Guard, one in the Army Reserves and one in the Air National Guard. Five employees are still serving, while three employees have served in two branches of the military. The person with the longest service record is Ron McKinley, a maintenance mechanic at Mansfield, who was in the Navy for 23 years.

“We have 538 manufacturing employees at our facilities in four locations across the country, so it's impressive that almost 10 percent of our workforce has served in the military,” said Jim Morando, president of Mansfield Plumbing. “We’re exceptionally proud of all our employees. However, we’re both proud and grateful for those who have defended our country by dedicating their efforts to military service.”

Morando relates that more than 90% of the millions of sanitaryware pieces made each year by Mansfield Plumbing are Made in America at locations in Ohio and Texas. “We are a strong supporter of bringing jobs to Americans, supporting our economy and our workforce,” said Morando.

“Having so many veterans working at Mansfield is a responsibility and a privilege. That’s one of the reasons why our company supports the Building Homes for Heroes program. We donate sanitaryware and bathware products to homes being created for injured service men and women returning from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as a way to honor the contributions made by our employees,” he said.

During 2015, Mansfield Plumbing has donated toilets, lavatories and tubs to the Building Homes for Heroes program. Many of those products were used in the construction of ADA compliant homes for returning veterans who have restricted mobility.