Cedar Rapids Winsupply has opened in Iowa to provide plumbing contractors in Cedar Rapids and the surrounding area with an inventory of plumbing products, supplies and services. The new company is part of WinWholesale, which is a majority shareholder of Cedar Rapids Winsupply.

D. J. Frickson is president of Cedar Rapids Winsupply and has 25 years of experience in the wholesale plumbing industry, including the last six with the Win Group of Companies.

“D.J. is an expert plumbing wholesaler who is committed to customer satisfaction,” said Monte Salsman, chief operating officers of WinWholesale. “D.J. and the Cedar Rapids Winsupply team have 45 years of combined experience in plumbing supplies and providing expertise to their customers.”

In the WinWholesale business model, the company provides Win and Noland Co. locations with support services such as business consulting, accounting, payroll, IT and marketing, which allow locations to focus on their local markets, products and serving customers.

There are more than 570 WinWholesale locations across the United States serving the residential and commercial construction and industrial markets with supplies and materials.