Shower screw extensions
Adhesive removal from skin
No-mess caulk

Shower screw extensions

Sometimes when I remodel a bathroom, I run into the problem of having to deal with existing conditions - as in after a shower wall is tiled. The shower body screws for the escutcheon are too short to reach the shower body. You could just get longer screws, but in many cases the existing screws match the escutcheon finish and longer screws are not available in the finish you need.

So I found the best solution is to keep on hand the common thread size screw in a long length with matching couplings and use the combination of the coupling and screw to extend the screw hole for the original screws to attach the escutcheon.

I cut the amount needed to extend the screw hole from the screw on hand with a pair of quick connect and crimping pliers, which has the common screw size on it. The result leaves the screw with a little burr on the end; this is what holds the screw tight when I screw it into the coupling. The uncut end gets screwed into the shower body. Now you have extended the screw hole and you can screw the escutcheon on with the existing screws.

Michael DeFonce
West Harrison, N.Y.

Adhesive removal from skin

When working with adhesives such as Permatex, once it gets on your skin, it is extremely hard to remove. Most of the time you scrub hard until it’s off and you are left with irritated skin. A fast and painless way of removing adhesive from your skin is with baby oil. Dab a little baby oil on a rag, then wipe the adhesive off your skin without causing irritation.

It also works on cleaning tools that may have come in contact with the product.

Dave Carrero
C&D Mechanical
Passaic, N.J.

No-mess caulk

When you have finished caulking a sink, toilet or tub, wrap the end of the tube of caulk with duct tape. It will keep it ready to use next time with no mess in the truck.

Frank Adams
Smada and Co.
Lawrenceville, Ga.