Happy New Year…almost! Based on the economy, some will be happy to say good-bye to 2012 and some will continue to be optimistic going into the new year. ButSHT Top Ten Awards before we do that, let’s take a look at Supply House Times’ Top 10 most popular stories of 2012!

1. Sample Job Descriptions — Inside Sales/Customer Service Representatives -  This one is always on our Top 10 lists dating back to 2006. A good list to have on hand.   

2. Kohler announces game-changing Internet policy - Showroom consultant Hank Darlington gives us the scoop on Kohler products sold on the Internet.

3. Ferguson ready for the Big Apple after acquisition of Davis & Warshow - Listen to Senior Editor John McNally’s exclusive interview with Frank Roach of Ferguson. (Supply House Times podcast)

4. Sample Performance Evaluation Form Template (i.e. Inside Sales) - Another handy reference article always found at the top of our lists dating back to 2006.

5. Supply House Times’ 2012 Premier 125: Positive gains - The annual survey, conducted by Supply House Times and BNP Media Market Research, ranks the Top 125 PHCP wholesalers by their sales from the past year.

6. Supply House of the Year: Coburn Supply - Editor Mike Miazga reveals how commitments to customer and employee excellence take Coburn’s to new heights.

7. Help Wanted: Part-time outside sales apply within - Scott Benfield discusses contractor buying patterns, where the cost actually comes out and exploring the value chain.

8. New Study gives insight into American bathing habits, cites hot water preferences - A recent study commissioned by tankless water manufacturer Noritz America and conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs. This article was also retweeted by #AndersonLive.

9. Tackling an 8,000-lb. gorilla - Dick Friedman offers an inside look at how to use your inventory and warehouse to compete with Amazon Supply.

10. Training or learning - HVAC guru Dan Holohan talks about how trade associations must adapt to new technology.