Heating, Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International reported an 11.6% increase in HVAC distributor sales for October 2012. The larger increase was widespread with six of seven regions reporting growth for the month after a 4.7% decline in September.

The west and southwest showed the healthiest sales and mid-teens growth was reported in the central and southeast. Hurricane Sandy did infl uence sales in the Middle Atlantic states. HARDI said November’s report “will likely refl ect the dark shadow of Hurricane Sandy.”

Affi liated Distributors affi liate sales grew 8% in the fi rst three quarters of 2012 and totaled $18.3 billion. Throughout the fi rst nine months of 2012, AD members hired 1,772 new employees. In 2011, AD members hired 2,250 new employees.

AD’s Plumbing and PVF sales grew 9% on a same-store basis from $4.24 billion to $4.61 billion. AD’s HVAC sales grew 8% on a same-store basis from $2.54 billion to $2.75 billion. “Once again, AD independents continue to take market share in each of our industries,” AD Chairman and CEO Bill Weisberg said.