For its outstanding achievement in research and development, design, quality and marketing for its Eternal hybrid water heaters.

Antony Hung (right), Sales Manager from Grand Hall's Taiwan office, accepts the Taiwan Excellence award. Photo courtesy of Grand Hall

Grand Hall Enterprises, parent company of Grand Hall USA, has received the Taiwan Excellence Award 2012 for its outstanding achievement in research and development, design, quality and marketing for itsEternal hybrid water heaters.

Winners were recognized for offering the highest quality and overall value in their products as well as developing revolutionary Taiwanese manufactured goods. The international company opened the U.S. office in 1985, and in 2003 the company moved to Garland, Texas.

The Taiwan Excellence Award began in 1992 as a way to encourage industries to create innovative and high-quality products. It is the highest achievement presented to Taiwanese manufacturers by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. The Eternal hybrid water heater was selected from 1,145 entries from 426 businesses.Antony Hung, sales manager in Grand Hall’s Taiwan office, accepted the award.

Eternal’s 2012 Taiwan Excellence Award.

“We are honored to have received this award and be recognized alongside other popular Taiwanese brands,” saidPaul Home, vice president of products and marketing. “Before we launched the first generation in 2006, we spent several years developing and testing our hybrid concept. Since then, we have refined the design and increased our efficiencies. Now, not only does our Eternal hybrid offer people a green alternative for water heating that is easy to retrofit, but it also allows people to enjoy endless hot water without sacrificing water pressure.

“Receiving this award is a significant achievement and we will always strive to offer the most advanced eco-friendly water heating solutions to improve people’s lives.”

Source: Grand Hall