Heating, Airconditioning and Refrigeration Distributors International recently formed the Center for Energy Efficiency Optimization. The CEEO will be a subsidiary of the HARDI Foundation, which is dedicated to researching wholesale distribution’s role, contribution, impact and opportunities to advance the adoption of energy-saving technologies and practices in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial applications, including renewable energy technologies.

The CEEO will not be trade specific, but rather provide a central hub for any wholesale distribution interests to explore, quantify and grow their role in driving energy efficiency in their respective industries. The goal of the CEEO is to become the predominant source for research on wholesale distribution’s influence on the adoption and use of energy-saving technologies.

“HARDI believes wholesale distributors - especially within the HVACR channel - play an integral role in the success of energy-efficiency incentive programs but there’s been very little research or quantification of that role to date,” Executive Vice President Talbot Gee said. The first CEEO research project partners with Vermont Efficiency Investment Corp., an authority on energy-efficiency incentive programs, and focuses on quantifying HVACR wholesale distribution’s impact in and opportunity with residential HVAC efficiency programs.

This project is designed to provide a better understanding of the dynamics between distributors and contractors as well as the supply chain barriers to residential HVAC efficiency program success.