Fastener and tool company reopened as Kansas City Winfastener Co.

WinWholesalerecently acquiredMidwest Industrial Salesin Kansas City, Kan., and reopened it Feb. 6 asKansas City Winfastener Co.According to WinWholesale officials, as part of the plan to offer expanded services and inventory, thetools division of KC Windustrial Co., a PVF supplier in Kansas City, Mo., moved to the new company.

Richard S. (Shane) Garrison, who was a co-owner of Midwest Industrial Sales, was named president of Kansas City Winfastener. The company provides industrial joiners, tensioners, fastening systems and tools to the Kansas City metropolitan area, including15 counties in Kansas and Missouri.

In addition to adding the tools division, Kansas City Winfastener will add product lines. Among the current lines are Gripple joiners and tensioners, and Metabo, Milwaukee, RIGID and LENOX tools.

“Kansas City Winfastener is a great addition to the Win Group of Companies in the Kansas City metro area,” saidMonte Salsman, WinWholesale chief operating officer. “Our team members there have 100 years of experience. We believe putting that together with expanded services and inventory is a huge advantage for customers.”

Under the WinWholesale business model, it owns the majority of shares in Kansas City Winfastener and other Win companies while providing services such as payroll, accounting, IT and vehicle management. This arrangement allows the local company to focus on customer relationships and sales. Other shareholders, some local, own the remainder of a company’s shares.

Source: WinWholesale