Davis & Warshow President and COO David Finkel was recognized for leading his company’s drive to sustainability.

Davis & Warshow President and COO David Finkel (left) is honored by Urban Green Council President Russell Unger with an award for building a “greener New York.” Photo courtesy of Davis & Warshow

Urban Green Council – the New York chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council – honored plumbing wholesalerDavis & Warshowfor “building a greener New York” at the recent Urban Green Gala in New York City. Davis & Warshow President and COODavid Finkelwas recognized for leading his company’s drive to sustainability.

Davis & Warshow, which created its “Practically Green” manifesto in 2008, installed a solar array at its Queens, N.Y., headquarters, one of the largest private-sector installations in the city. The 87-year-old, 300-employee company uses only recycled paper, has a carpool program, and works with manufacturers to become educated on the latest and best low-flow fixtures and heating equipment. Any Davis & Warshow sales associate who uses a company fuel card must drive a minimum 20-mile-per-gallon car in the city.

“We used to have a parking lot full of big, thirsty SUVs,” Finkel said. “There was some grumbling at first, but as leases expired, sedans, compacts and even a few hybrids began taking the places of those SUVs. The action has cut our fuel consumption by more than 40% and is now saving us almost 18,000 gallons of fuel a year. Given today’s fuel prices, that will add up to a savings of $67,000 this year alone.”

Finkel also talked about the financial good sense of sustainability. He told guests with New York state tax incentives and abatements from the solar installation, the array will pay itself off in four years.

“It will produce 269,000 KwH annually, no small return on our initial investment,” Finkel stated.

Going green makes so much sense for businesses because it’s win-win, he noted. The environment is saved and businesses can gain more profits.

“The message is there is money to be saved and made if you take advantage of the opportunities in going green,” Finkel said. “The green that will motivate business owners to do this is the green in their pocketbooks and on their general ledgers.”