Paul F. Martin, senior director, Program & Business Development of the ASA Education Foundation (ASAEF) announced his retirement effective March 1, 2011.

Paul Martin

Paul F. Martin, senior director, Program & Business Development of the ASA Education Foundation ( ASAEF) announced his retirement effective March 1, 2011. Martin has been with the Foundation for 12 years, serving as its executive director for most of his tenure.

Prior to ASAEF, he served as programs director for the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation, where he led the development of several food safety training programs, a manager certification program and a school-to-work curriculum. It was this type of extensive experience in planning, developing and marketing training programs coupled with his considerable skills in strategic direction and business management that enabled the Foundation to grow considerably under his direction.  

“One of our most popular and valuable training tools, theEssentialsseries, was the brainchild of Paul’s. He not only conceptualized the brand but played a prominent role in the development of each of the existing four courses,” stated Michael Adelizzi, ASA’s executive vice president. “Paul has been an integral part of the success of our Foundation and the industry will benefit from his significant contributions and leadership for years to come. We wish him all the best.”  

Other highlights of Martin’s career with ASAEF include the modernization of the ever-popular product knowledge courses from the outdated material to the delivery method, the development of theEmployee Performance Tool Kit, a key resource to the membership and the information-packed Trainers’ Forum e-letter he authored on a monthly basis. Martin also presented at countless conventions, division and regional meetings and counseled and consulted with the ASA membership on how to make their training more effective.  

“Every manager and executive is, in essence, a trainer and developer of his or her team,” said Martin. “Making sure every employee is highly professional and knowledgeable concerning their products, their customers and the distribution business is fundamental to the success of the business. It’s been a privilege to be a part of ASA’s innovative commitment to training and the prosperity of its members.”  

Even after his official retirement, Martin plans to continue working on a project basis for the Foundation, initially on a new course for theEssentialsbrand for counter sales and will continue to be available to the membership to help them and other distribution professional with their training needs on a consulting basis.

Source: ASA