Realizing that a coordinated effort between all industry participants is needed to advance issues of critical importance to the long-term health of the industry, the ASA has entered into a formal working relationship with members of UPA. 

The American Supply Association (ASA) has entered into a formal working relationship with members of United Purchasing Affiliates (UPA).

“Two vital ASA long range goals have guided the association’s move to sign agreements with buying groups,” said ASA Executive Vice PresidentMike Adelizzi. “First is to engage everyone in the industry to aid in the fight to protect industry interests in Washington D.C., and secondly, is the need to elevate the professionalism of the industry. ASA’s ability to achieve both goals is enhanced through the buying groups because of their close working relationship with a broad cross section of wholesaler and manufacturers and their ability to motivate their members to take action.”  

“Getting industry professionals to take action and become involved requires a coordinated effort of every industry organization. This includes the buying groups who have close relationships with their members,” saidDoug Corp, CEO of UPA.  With the signing of the UPA agreement, ASA now has agreements with five leading buying groups. These agreements enhance the association’s ability to achieve ASA’s long range vision.

UPA is a 32-year-old buying and marketing group comprised of hundreds of strong, mid-sized wholesalers located throughout the U.S. Five distribution facilities located in strategic locations throughout the country are central to the way UPA goes to market.