Although some manufacturers pulled back at this year’s show, Delta and Fleurco pushed the bar a littler higher.

Michelle Henderson, showroom manager, Banner Plumbing Supply

At the show this year it was very evident that in this economy many manufacturers pulled back on product releases and most did not attempt to push the bar a little higher with their booths in general.  

But that was not the case with Delta and Brizo. The components they worked into their booth exemplified their cutting-edge approach to market their new product releases (and kudos to them for rolling so much out in these times!).

Delta's Addison single-hole lavatory faucet (expected to launch in the coming year)

As a designer, I look for the repetition of various nuances to help complete the whole look for a client. Delta and Brizo incorporated that repetition, but in more of a technology-driven way with those really cool clear glass touch screens and theTalo Touchkicking off their new ad campaign in water. How innovative!  

Last year Delta and Brizo made my favorite list with Virage. This year I am thoroughly impressed with two of their items. On the Delta side - all about technology - my absolute favorite is theAddison single-hole lavthat incorporates both the touch and proximity sense technologies.   

Aside from the beautiful design of the faucet (isn’t it great to see beautiful designs on single-hole faucets!), the concept of never having to touch your bathroom lav is very appealing to me from a sanitary, as well as an aesthetic perspective. Imagine no more water spots!  

Brizo's Siderna ribbon spout faucet (expected to launch in the coming year)

In Banner’s showroom we had five different working displays featuring both types of technology: Touch and Proximity. With proximity, there is no infrared or sensor required. It uses your body’s own electromagnetic field to turn the faucet on when you are within three to six inches of the faucet. My clients just love it. Delta has hit it out of the park by combining these elements into a beautiful design.   

On the Brizo end, the newSiderna ribbon spout faucetis going to fill a unique niche. Other ribbon spout faucets are out there, but something special about the use of the glass in the handle, combined with the beauty of the water itself, makes me want to design a bathroom around that faucet.  

Some of the best design work going on right now incorporates that soft green glass tile as an accent. I am always looking for a way to insert subtle repetition of something small in the project and this is perfect for it. Brizo has somehow created a great pairing of the use of nature (the glass and the water) with a more clean line - very much like Frank Lloyd Wright, but taken up a level.  

One other aspect that appealed to me is how proportionate the scale of the faucet is. Many of the other ribbon spout designs I have seen are too large or too fat, but this one seems to be just right and features a great reach into the bowl, which is key to many clients. I believe both the Addison and Siderna should roll out in late 2010 - can’t wait! 

Fleurco’s Chronoglass

Another product that really caught my eye at K/BIS wasFleurco’s Chronoglass. I am always looking for that product that pushes the envelope a little further - something that is just a little edgier or unique. This glass does all of that.   

It plays to our need for being special and different, which is why we all redesign our baths. The woven mesh inside the glass adds a very high-tech decorative element that not only looks fantastic, but also provides a little privacy in the shower while still allowing in some light.  

I noticed thatRobern is using the same type of mesh screen-like visual texture (hard to say texture because really it is smooth) on some of their new suspended cabinetry doors and I really think it will take off with the more contemporary consumer.    

According to Fleurco, the glass is now available on a variety of different door sizes and styles. Most of my modern client base typically wants a very clean, simple design with something a little different kicking it up a notch. I have a feeling this will fit that bill.