To meetMr. Walter Bruceof Greenville, SC, to spend just a few precious moments in his company, far exceeds anything this world can offer to brighten the darkest of days, the gloomiest of moods, lifting spirits soaring. Such is the nature, the person of Mr. Bruce, who for many years until his retirement had been a faithful Customer of Eastern - and a Friend for Life.

For those atEasternwho have come to know Mr. Bruce over the years, either through delivering material to various job sites or having the good fortune to enjoy his company during the many visits he made to the Greenville Branch counter/distribution center-all will tell you that this is a man for whom they have great admiration, respect and hold in the highest esteem - and for good reason.

Kip Miller, President/CEO; Rita Davis-Spartanburg Branch Manager; and Todd Michalak-Greenville Branch Manager, present Mr. Walter Bruce with a $1,000 Gift from the Eastern Cares Fund.

Mr. Walter Bruce, now well into his 80’s, has left a legacy of goodwill throughout the entire Greenville community, and especially at Eastern. Many speak of how they remember Mr. Bruce always having something good to share about others and about life’s circumstances, one Associate noting with a chuckle that Mr. Bruce would usually end his visits with “there’s something I want to tell you before I leave,” – and then go on to share an uplifting, kind word of encouragement - “something” that would always leave a positive impression.

It’s no surprise then, when one of our Associates,Mr. Tony Hampton, learned of an extraordinary need on the part of Mr. and Mrs. Bruce that he immediately set out to see whatEastern Carescould do to assist the couple in some special way.

Tony had learned through a local television “Pay It Forward” news feature that Mr. Bruce - a World War II veteran - was still seeking opportunities to supplement his meager social security, which had become necessary after losing his retirement when the company he worked for failed. While caring for his ailing wife, Mr. Bruce regularly calls upon local establishments looking to pick up odd jobs, including welding, for which he is known to be an “expert.”

Through the Eastern Cares commitment to extend a helping hand of care to our Associates throughout the company, our 12-branch location communities, our country, and other cultures around the world, Eastern’s Associate-funded Cares Fund presented Mr. Bruce with a $1,000 gift. This gift, along with many others that the Bruce’s received from throughout the community as a result of the recent “Pay It Forward” news feature, will afford Mr. Bruce much more opportunity to spend time at home caring for Mrs. Bruce.  It also has given Eastern an immeasurable blessing to have reconnected with such a dear customer and friend - for life.