We might actually make some headway toward a renewable energy future - except for so many environmentalists standing in the way. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms, considerthis story about a $600 million wind farmin Wyoming possibly going to the birds. It echoes last decade’s fiasco when protecting the snail darter - a tiny fish almost nobody even knew existed - shut down a proposed hydroelectric project in Tennessee.

Consider also the vauntedCape Wind project, a gigantic renewable energy project that would be well under development by now except for opposition from a bunch of well-heeled citizens whose pristine view of the ocean would be tainted by windmills so far offshore they would appear less than an inch high above the horizon off of Nantucket Island.

Then let’s journey 3,000 miles across this great land to the Left Coast, home of many of our country’s most committed environmental activists. Except they’d ratherprotect sagebrush and lizards from being ruffledthan approve a solar project that would provide megawatts of clean energy.

No wonder anAmerican solar energy companyhas to look all the way to China to peddle its wares.

Don’t even get me started on our failure to develop more of thesafest, cleanest form of electrical generationnow in widespread use around the world.

Stuff like this is what inspired thistongue-in-cheek articlelast year.

When is the silliness going to end? Sheesh.