The company offers free online sales training on toilets, faucets and water-efficient products.

American Standard has launched an e-learning center at its Web site to provide free product knowledge and sales training to plumbers, showrooms and other building trade professionals. The e-learning center is accessed through the “Resources for Professionals” section

The self-paced training is presented in three modules.
  • The toilets module helps professionals learn how to educate their customers about high-efficiency toilets, high-performance toilets, and third-party performance testing resources, such as Maximum Performance Testing.

  • The faucets module explains how ceramic disc valves, solid brass bodies and high-tech protective finishes deliver guaranteed lifetime performance.

  • The third module on water efficiency, has been the most popular to date, according to American Standard.

    “In addition to the product knowledge about water-saving technologies, the water efficiency modules help professionals understand how water use impacts communities and green building standards,” announced Jeannette Long, general manager of American Standard e-commerce.
Each module also includes insights into style trends, as well as three sets of quizzes.

“We encourage our channel partners to use our e-learning center to enhance their own training and to use the quizzes to set up competitions among groups of employees. We didn’t make the quizzes easy!” Long said.

Source: American Standard