The American Supply Association is an active part of the effort to ensure the continued right of American workers to freely choose whether or not to be represented by a labor organization. The “Employee Free Choice Act,” i.e. Card Check, is one of organized labor’s top legislative priorities.

Under the Card Check proposal, all a union would have to do to become a recognized bargaining agent is persuade a simple majority of the workers to publicly and openly sign a card indicating support for the union. Card Check legislation would effectively eliminate workers’ ability to make the important decision over union recognition in the privacy of a voting booth and mandates compulsory, binding arbitration on both employees and the employer.

According to Kent & O’Connor, ASA’s representatives in Washington, D.C., this issue will come up immediately in the next Administration.To take pro-active steps and promote our industry’s opposition to this legislation, ASA is asking all of its members, especially those in key states, to contact their elected officials in Washington in regards to this issue.

To view ASA’s Position Paper on the Card Check Legislation, visit the Advocacy section of theASA website. For more information, please contact Chris Murin atcmurin@asa.netor 312.464.0090 ext. 205.