Dear ASA Members:

Both the House and Senate are currently considering legislation to invest over $85 billion in infrastructure as part of President Obama’s $850 billion economic stimulus package he wants to sign in early-to mid-February to put Americans back to work.  

While much of these funds are being appropriated to rebuild our nation’s deteriorating roads, bridges and electrical grid,Congress is also considering the appropriation of as much as $30 billion to improve the pumping stations and thousands of miles of pipe and valves that comprise America’s aging water infrastructure.

Initial drafts of this legislation also provide for an extension of the homeowner tax credits for purchasing energy-efficient and water-saving products as well as repeal of the 3% withholding requirement on all government contracts, two other issues important to the PHCP and PVF industries.   

This legislation is on a fast-track in both the House and Senate. Therefore,it’s very important that all ASA members contact their Senators and Representatives now to let them know you want them to protect America’s ability to deliver its valuable water resources. 

Click hereto review the entire text of this urgent legislative alert, and then, send letters to your elected officials in Washington, DC.   

Using the enhanced advocacy tools and resources now available onASA’s Web site, it will take less than 5 minutes for you to act on this information and send a letter to your Representative(s) and both Senators.   

For more information, pleaseclick hereto review the one-page position papers on all of the issues currently on ASA’s legislative agenda.  

Thank you!

Michael Adelizzi
Executive Vice President
American Supply Association