Read here as Hank Darlington blogs his way across the USA for a good cause.

Hello, Delaware!

Our own showroom guru, Hank Darlington, is bicycling cross country to raise funds forThe Decorative Plumbing and Hardware Association's Memorial Scholarship Fund.If you are interested in supporting Darlington’s cross-country cause,click here.

Here's his latest post:

Reporting on:Monday, June 15, 2009
Riding Route:  From Marysville to Wooster, OH
Temperature:  mid 50's to 80 degrees /Winds:  10 mph
Elevation Climb:  5100 feet
Miles Ridden Today:  97

Those of you who have been reading my blog from the beginning knowthat we lost a rider in Santa Fe, NM.He died doing what he loved! His death had a very sad and profound effect on each of us. Charlie had become part of our team and we've all put his name on our flags - which we fly each day on our bikes. He IS finishing this ride with us! We have now come to understand how much cycling meant to him...and I wanted to share the story with you. The following article appeared in his Vermont hometown newspaper on Friday:

"A Barre City man has bequeathed $1 million to his hometown and neighboring Barre Town to complete planned bike paths in the two communities. Charles Semprebon died at age 66 on May 24 while on a cycling tour in Sante Fe, N.M. His family met with city and town officials last week to inform them of the bequest.
"I'm overwhelmed by Charlie's generosity," said Barre City Mayor Thom Lauzon.
"Everyone who knew Charlie knew of his strong advocacy for fitness and cycling. This generous and thoughtful gift to our communities will help us realize Charlie's dream of a regional bike path that can be enjoyed by cyclists in perpetuity."
"For Charlie to honor his community so generously demonstrates just how much fitness, cycling and his community meant to him," said Jeff Blow, Barre Town chairman.
Semprebon was born in Barre, attended city schools and returned after graduating from college to work at the family-owned business, Calmont Beverage Company. He retired last year."

Today started out as a great day! We had good weather - with mild wind and no rain. BUT, (isn't there always a "but") at about mile 20 one of our riders, Bob...from Princeton, NJ, was involved in an accident and had to be airlifted to Columbus. It was a case of just not seeing the other guy. He ran into a motorcycle...and ended up with multiple injuries. He was alert when the helicopter swooped him away - and all reports tonight indicate he is resting comfortably - and will have surgery tomorrow to set some broken bones. You're in our thoughts and prayers Bob. We wish you a speedy recovery and will miss having you with us! You'll be finishing this ride with us in our hearts and minds! All I can say is this cycling can be a rough sport!

The ride today took us through the town of Delaware, OH, which is located near the center of the state, about 20 miles north of Columbus. It is the site of the Ohio Wesleyan University, one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country. The city is famous for The Little Brown Jug, an internationally famous harness race which is part of the Triple Crown of harness racing. President Rutherford B. Hayes was born in Delaware...but there is very little note of it...just a small marker along one of the roads we were on. The picture above was taken there.

Our destination today was Wooster...which is home of the Rubbermaid brand of products. Tonight Champ and I had the pleasure of having dinner with my brother and his wife, Steve and Barbara who drove down from Cleveland. One of Steve's law school roommates and his wife also joined us for the evening. We had a great meal - and a great time! Thanks so much to the four of you for sharing time with us.

Themap in the picture here shows our progress to date. Tomorrow we head to Niles, OH...a 91 mile ride! Weather reports tell us it will be 54 degrees when we leave in the morning - and we will see a high of around 81 degrees. Winds will be from the Northeast again at 5-10 mph. We keep wondering when they will change to be at our backs!

We're closing in on raising the amount of money I'd set as a goal for the DPHA Scholarship Fund. If any of you are holding out on your pledge to see if I'm going to make it all the way across the country I'm thinking you could do it now! There are only 10 riding days left - and I guarantee you I'm going to stay alert and healthy! My many thanks to all of you who have supported this worthy cause...and at the same time supported me with your thoughts, prayers and dollars. For once I think I'm speechless!    

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