Plastic Services and Products Inc., a division of PMC Global, was purchased by a private investment trust July 1 and will now operate under the name of Plastic Services and Products LLC.

The newly named company will continue to operate the current ABS pipe plant in Centralia, Wash., and is in the process of setting up a new ABS pipe plant in Utah. The Utah plant will be using the equipment from PMC’s former Sun Valley, Calif., plant, as well as additional new equipment that will increase production by 30 percent, according to the company.

The same investment trust that purchased Beehive Pipe Products (formerly known as Standard Pipe Nipple Mfg. Co.) in 2006 is involved in the Plastic Services and Products transaction. The combined companies will offer a complete line of domestic metal and PVC S.80 pipe nipples, ABS-DWV pipe and ABS-DWV pipe fittings, along with other plumbing items currently being offered thru Beehive Pipe Products. ABS pipe is currently available at both locations and ABS fittings will be available in January 2009.

Beehive Pipe Products and Plastic Services and Products will operate as sister companies with combined management and sales teams.Hernan Hincapiewill be the director of the pipe manufacturing operations.Nick Hannawill be director of molding and threading operations.Susan Yerkesis the director of sales and marketing.Claire Nielsenis trustee for the investment group that manages the companies.

Richard Reese, who at one time was a principle in Standard Plastics, has been retained as a consultant to assist in the trust’s management and to act as a temporary financial advisor. He will consult through the end of 2008.