I would like to kick things off in this 50th anniversary issue with my own list: My 50 favorite things about this magazine.

It is rewarding beyond words to preside as Publisher over this Golden Anniversary edition ofSupply House Times, a magazine I have been affiliated with for 19 years. Inside you will find an editorial package of incomparable scope and value, mostly organized around a theme of “50 This … 50 That.”

This took considerable creativity and brainstorming by the contributors. I would like to kick things off with my own list: My 50 favorite things about this magazine.

1. Charlie Horton, Founder/Publisher. Industry icon. A legend to this day. Greatest writer to grace this industry - enough said.

2. Jim Olsztynski, Current Chief Editor. Prolific, award-winning journalist. Superior industry knowledge. Thinks beyond the façade.

3. Annual Manufacturers Rep Issue. Most comprehensive listing available.

4. Annual B.I.G. (Buyers’ Information Guide) book. The industry’s only buyers’ guide.

5. Annual Premier 150 List. Most in-depth look at the industry’s leading wholesalers.

6. Pat Lenius, Managing Editor. Works the K/BIS show like she owns it. Loved by anyone she’s ever interviewed - which includes almost everyone in this fine industry!

7. George Zebrowski, Group Publisher. A 30+-year veteran of the plumbing-heating trade press. With Supply House Times since 1983. Great boss.

8. Tim Fausch, Construction Division Publishing Director. Stewarded Supply House Times’ return to private ownership by BNP Media in 2001. A leader with drive.

9. John O’Reilly, Past Publisher/Editor. Industry knowledge abounds, all-around nice guy.

10. Bill Everham, Past Publisher. Held things together after Charlie Horton’s untimely death.

11. John Schrei, Past Publisher. Still with BNP Media, a great boss.

12. Official Publication of ASA. Proud to be a partner.

13. Standard size publication. Studies continuously show readers prefer this format vs. tabloid, 3 to 1.

14. Best-read industry magazine. All of our research over the years has shown Supply House Times is the best-read industry publication.

15. BNP Media. Purchased Supply House Times in 2001 and reunited it with sister publication Plumbing & Mechanical.

16. Kelly Johnson, Associate Editor and Plumbing Group Special Projects Editor. 15 years’ industry experience. Behind-the-scenes reason Supply House Times is the no. 1 read magazine in the industry.

17. Suzette Rubio, Online Editor. Visit www.supplyht.com to see her valued contributions.

18. Annual Manufacturer Spotlight issue. So good it was copied!

19. Annual Case History issue. Offers PHCP manufacturers an opportunity to toot their own horn.

20. Radiant Publications. The Radiant Heating Report, our radiant heating system supplement published once a year, and the Radiant Flooring Guide, a Radiant Panel Association supplement widely recognized as the only buyers’ guide in its segment.

21. Mike Robinson, Design Director. A multiple award-winner for his work on Supply House Times.

22. Lisa Webb, Production Manager. Grace under pressure. Send her those display ads!

23. ASA President. We proudly feature the incoming ASA president on our ASA/ISH NA edition cover.

24. “Rape of the N.O. Nelson Company.” Gutsy cover story of the premier issue of Supply House Times back in March 1958.

25. Industry Hall of Fame. Suspended in the late 1990s. Exclusively for the PHCP industry. Should we bring it back?

26. ISH North America. Proud to be a publishing partner of this semi-annual industry show.

27. Bob Miodonski, Associate Publisher. Returned home to Supply House Times last year. He served as its managing editor, then editorial director, under a previous ownership.

28. Beth Shor, Publisher’s/Display Sales Assistant. Another behind-the-scenes asset. Keeps things flowing smoothly.

29. Roy Wagner, Sales Manager. Father was a great industry sales rep for many years - Roy follows in his footsteps.

30. Jean Eslick, Sales Manager. Joined Supply House Times in 2001 from Metal Center News. Advertisers love her customer service!

31. Debora Reda, Classified Sales Manager. Best in the business. Give her a call at 630-694-4389.

32. Paul DeGrandis, Sales Manager. Everybody’s best friend.

33. PVF Roundtable. Supply House Times proudly partners with the PVF industry’s foremost association and also hosts its Web site.

34. Morris Beschloss. Once graced the pages of Supply House Times. Now works for a competitor, but still regarded as a friend by everyone on staff.

35. Don Arnold, author of Supply House Times’ landmark “College of Product Knowledge” (now available on CD). Remains a valued contributor.

36. Irving & Robert Footlik. Irving passed away, but son Robert continues his legacy as the industry’s foremost warehouse design and management guru and sometime contributor to Supply House Times. (See his article on page 80.)

37. Dick Friedman, contributing columnist. Industry expert on computer technology. (See his article on page 106.)

38. Dan Holohan, contributing columnist. Best-read columnist. Fun to read.

39. Hank Darlington, contributing columnist. Easy read. Knows the showroom business inside and out.

40. Jim Wheeler, contributing columnist. Does our HVAC editorial proud, past editor of Contracting Business, recognized as HVAC industry royalty.

41. Joan Adams, contributing columnist. With Supply House Times only two years and making a name for herself. Her columns get featured in the NAW SmartBrief e-newsletter.

42. www.supplyht.com. The industry’s best resource for news, features, buyers’ guides and industry links.

43. www.myplumbingportal.com. It’s an all-industry link to articles and updates from Supply House Times, Plumbing & Mechanical, PM Engineer and Reeves Journal.

44. Office of the CEO. The Henderson brothers who run BNP Media. Supply House Times’ backbone and driving force.

45. Showroom Survey. Every three years we do a comprehensive study of the wholesaler showroom industry.

46. Horton Publishing. Supply House Times’ founding company. Too many people to mention, but they all had a part in these wonderful first 50 years. The Chicago Public Library was the first location of Supply House Times’ editorial staff back in 1958.

47. The name. “Supply House Times” has earned respect for its honest reporting on all aspects of the industry.

48. “Wholesaler of the Year.” Supply House Times’ exclusive award given each year to a highly successful wholesaler, detailing how and why it earned the title.

49. “Manufacturers Rep of the Year.” Supply House Times’ exclusive award presented annually to the best representatives, highlighting their winning strategies.

50. Plumbing & Mechanical and PM Engineer, sister publications. PM was started in 1985 by Charlie Horton, an instant success and the no. 1 contractor book for 22 years running. PME was started by BNP Media in 1994 and proudly serves the plumbing engineer community.

Thanks for my indulgence!

Scott Franz


P.S. Maybe I’ll make the list in the 100th anniversary issue?

Editor’s Note: 51. Scott Franz, Publisher. Hired by Charlie Horton January 1989. Promoted to National Sales Manager 1999. Publisher since 2003. His enthusiasm and commitment to Supply House Times and this industry make him a great leader.