Walton Co. is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2008.

Walton Co.is celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2008. One hundred years ago, Ward S. Jacobs founded the company and began to manufacture tap extractors, which facilitate the removal of broken taps without damaging the threads. Today, Kenneth “Skip” Weeks III sits at the helm of Walton Co. (West Hartford, CT), purchased in 1936 by his grandfather.

Walton’s current product line includes a tap extractor in every tap size, both inch and metric. In addition to tap extractors, Walton has expanded its product line to include two styles of Tap Extensions for machine and hand tapping, and REPS Extractors, which quickly and easily remove broken screws, studs and pipe fittings.

Walton also has introduced an Ergonomic File Handle, which makes filing jobs more comfortable, safer and more efficient. The company also offers the Piloted Spindle Tapper, which is used for threading a drilled hole manually at one drill press or lathe location, without moving the workpiece.