As children it was the bogeyman in the closet that represented our worst fears. Teen years brought with them countless angst-ridden crises that we could look back on with amusement a few years later when they were superseded by grown-up worries over genuinely serious matters of careers, relationships and identity.

As we grew into adulthood and prosperity, most of us have overcome all of these anxieties - except for cringing in anticipation of the biggest bogeyman of all that makes an appearance around this time of year.

Don’t be caught off guard by his or her nondescript business garb. None except perhaps the Grim Reaper himself can chill the spine of businessmen more than the appearance of the frightful IRS Tax Auditor.

The specter looms larger with each year’s approach of April 15. Although many business owners who have survived encounters with this merciless beast, none would care to repeat the experience.

So it might be worthwhile taking a couple of minutes to read the followingadvice from entrepreneurs about avoiding an IRS tax audit.