ASA President Joel Becker of Torrington Supply Co. (Waterbury, CT) hosted U.S. Representative Christopher Murphy (CT-5) at his headquarters location in September. With help from Kent & O’Connor, the firm representing ASA’s interests in Washington, D.C., Becker invited Rep. Murphy to tour his facility and learn more about the PHCP/PVF industry and issues facing distributors.

Becker shared ASA’s 2007 Legislative Agenda and the two discussed various issues, including healthcare costs. In partnership with Kent & O’Connor, the ASA Government & Public Affairs Committee creates an annual legislative agenda to promote the interests of the PHCP/PVF industry.
Pictured (L-R): U.S. Representative Christopher Murphy (CT-5) and Joel Becker, CEO/president, Torrington Supply Co. of Waterbury, CT.