John and Debbie Strong

Economy Plumbing Supply, Indianapolis, hosted a party at its headquarters to celebrate 75 years of business. Herbert E. Strong founded the company in 1932 with brothers William and Edward Strong. Current President John Strong is the grandson of Herbert Strong Sr. and the son of Herbert Strong Jr., who served as president of the American Supply Association in 1996.

John Strong and his wife, Debbie, who serves as marketing director of the company, welcomed guests to the event.

John Strong and his father, Herbert Strong Jr.

John Strong shared a moment with his father, Herbert Strong Jr., during the 75th anniversary party.

Betsy Strong

John Strong’s sister, Betsy Strong, joined the family business in 1995 and now serves as a design consultant in the company’s HomeStyle showroom.

Economy Plumbing Supply celebrates 75 years in business.

A large tent in the parking lot housed an appetizer buffet and tables and chairs.

This facility is in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, just minutes from the Capitol building.