Source 1™, the aftermarket division of Johnson Controls’ residential HVAC brands, offers Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) products for all of Johnson Controls’ unitary product brands: York®, Luxaire® Coleman® and Source 1. Offerings include three easy-to-install humidifiers as part of its IAQ package: Elite Steam, Bypass and Power Humidifiers. There is also the Source 1 Dehumidifier with an optional wall-mounted control, a cleanable filter, frost control and quiet operation.
The Source 1 Ultraviolet (UV) Air Purifier makes germicidal bandwidth C (UVC) sterilization properties available by controlling the level of harmful bioaerosols (bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold, germs and allergens) in the air. Source 1 Air Cleaners are another option available to homeowners who want to fight dust and improve IAQ. The air cleaner features an efficient depth-loading filter media, which captures particulates deep within the layers of media fibers. The Opti-Fiber Media® in the air cleaners also removes airborne microscopic particulates at 61.8% minimum average efficiency and meets MERV 10 test standard ANSI/ASHRAE 52-2-1999.